Vijayawada has witnessed amazing growth in recent years, thanks to the persistent work of Kesineni Nani who has taken a number of initiatives for the growth and prosperity of the constituency. One of them is the development and expansion of the Gannavaram Airport in Vijayawada that has now gained the capacity to handle up to 50 lakh domestic and international passengers per year in the near future, up from 6 Lakh passengers, which the previous infrastructure was able to handle. The Vijayawada airport is transitioning into a modern, state of the art airport that operates over a much bigger area and supports better conveyance nationally and internationally.

Nani with his consistent endeavor and on account of his genuine love for the people living in his constituency - Vijayawada, earnestly wanted to improve transportation of passengers from Vijayawada to and fro the surrounding places and cities, along with making it a notable destination for passengers throughout the globe. He facilitated this by the revamping of the existing Vijayawada Airport.

The size of the Airport was expanded by including additional 687 acres into the infrastructure and with an addition of a full terminal that allowed passengers to have options for flight-boarding timings. The new terminal created was deployed for the movement of national flights and the existing terminal is now being used for the boarding and un-boarding of international flights.

The Gannavaram Airport project has created extreme value in the growth of Vijayawada and only seems to get better.

Nani strove consistently and followed up regularly with the Central Ministry of Aviation, Airport Authority of India, and Air India to start new flights to major cities in India such as Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad etc. from Vijayawada. The development of the Airport has lead to increased accessibility and ease of transportation in Vijayawada making it a notable destination on the map.